NaNoWriMo Part II

I’ve had a lot of people tell me the usual writing axioms. I want to clarify my intentions with these polls. They’re ideas to inspire me. I’m taking a cue from my days in improv where we were given a title, category, style, and time limit. With this limited information we needed to create a story. While writing I get ideas for scenes and think “that would be awesome in my story” and then I add it. Sadly this tends to make stringing the scenes together difficult, that’s why I like to set a theme, mood, characters, and genre. It gives me the guidelines I need to string a bunch of interesting scenes together.

I start at the beginning and as I get Ideas I write them down in point form and cross them out when I finish writing the Idea.

The polls are very useful for inspiration. I used this method a year or so ago to write a script for a webcomic. I now have major story arcs for 3 years worth of strips and detailed scripts for the first 6 months. The major hiccup is my slow speed at learning to draw. The writing was much simpler then I thought even if it was labour intensive.

That’s what I’m hoping to do with these polls.

Thank you and please remember to vote.

One Response to NaNoWriMo Part II

  1. edhelwen1 says:

    That sounds perfect. You’re so smart. 😀

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