Thoughts Nov 10, 2008

There are few things that make Mondays seem exciting, The Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack is certainly one of them.

Dollhouse, the new Joss Whedon show, and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles are going to be back to back on Fridays in Winter. The only show that’s managed to thrive in that timeslot on Fox was X-Files. This is the timeslot that killed Firefly. Sigh.

2 Responses to Thoughts Nov 10, 2008

  1. edhelwen1 says:

    Great. That sucks. I swear that FOX hates Joss. Or at least his shows. I really hope that all those ‘Save Dollhouse’ sites really help draw attention to this show, so it will survive.

    I love Pirates! 🙂

  2. Éric says:

    It does have the advantage of all the Internet talk about it. Firefly didn’t have any of that, if anyone can keep it alive it’s the Whedonites, Browncoats etc.

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