NaNoWriMo Update Three

I’ve finally written past the boring parts of my novel. I’m sure they’re interesting to read, they just weren’t much fun to write. The characters are working together and I have more actions scenes coming up. I’m finding it a little hard to right cool gunfight scenes, maybe I should re-watch Firefly.

I’ve long past the NaNoWriMo halfway mark and I’m quickly approaching the novels half way mark. The halfway mark is 45 000 words. It’s intimidating to think I’ll have to keep this pace up over to most of December. It’s a lot of work but I’m really enjoying it, I wish I could do this for a living, maybe someday.

I have no illusions about this novel. As it is I know a lot of it needs retooling. I need to go back and edit all the dialogue to make it flow better. I also need to go back and fix the issue I seem to have with starting three out of four paragraphs with a noun or pronoun. I also need to beef up the descriptions of my characters and the world.

It’s interesting to me, that the character I liked most and had best fixed in my head before hand is most likely going to get cut from the first half of the book. He has four mini-chapters dedicated to his journals and I think I’ll just cut them out completely. I find they’re too world building oriented.

I’m keeping the polls from last week open since the twists will happen in the middle of the book, in about 10 000 more words.

It fascinates me what kind of emotions I’ve gone through, most of the first week I felt elated and couldn’t wait to write, the second I felt terrible I hated the novel and wanted to give up completely, now the third week it feels more like work but I look forward to discovering what happens.

For everyone who would like to be a Test/Beta reader, please email me or make a comment on one of my posts and I’ll get you a copy of the book when it’s done the second draft.

Here’s a poll for all you aspiring Writers.

Thank you for your continuing support.

6 Responses to NaNoWriMo Update Three

  1. Julie says:

    What does being a test/beta reader include?

  2. Éric says:

    @Julie – It inclides you reading the second draft and sending me feedback about things you liked and disliked. Finding mistakes in the writing or the story. Things to help make it a better book.

  3. Jamie says:

    You know I’ll be your beta Eric! Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Jen says:

    I didn’t want to sign in…

    I don’t want ot be your beta…JUST KIDDING! Of course I would like to beta your story. I can’t wait. 😀

    It depends on what kind of story I am writing as to what type of writer I am. Usually I am something in between.

  5. Julie says:

    It`s not really my area of expertise, but i`ll try it out. I`ve been pretty curious about the story since you started posting. Hope i`ll be of some help!

  6. khrysthomas says:

    Thank you for the push, Eric. I finally feel like I’ve pushed past the block of having a deadline and gotten into the flow. It was nice to break 25k this morning. The encouragement is always welcome! Good luck with your story, it sounds like something I’d read, especially if it’s written by another Firefly fan.

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