A Review of the Webcomic Odd-Fish



I’m a huge fan of webcomics and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve even written a script for one that someday I’ll draw or ask a friend to help me draw. I’m always looking for new ones and I tend to be reading between fifteen and twenty at a time.

A few months ago I found Odd-Fish and fell in love with it.

Fantastic, one of the prettiest styles I’ve ever seen. The lines, the shadows, and everything else are just beautiful.

Not much of a continuing story, this isn’t an epic but there are small arcs that are entertaining. I hope there will be more.

The main characters are pretty simple but have enough of a unique voice that you’ll remember them long after you close the browser.

Drama or Humour
It’s a comic strip. Mostly in the standard newspaper style and usually has a joke. There are more then enough puns to keep me happy.

I can’t seem to say anything bad about this comic. I guess the only bad thing is that it’s not a daily; the complexity of the art would make it impractical.

Odd-Fish updates Twice a week.

I give Odd-fish 9 out of 10. It’s a great comic.

One Response to A Review of the Webcomic Odd-Fish

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds interesting. I know I’ll read it eventually. 🙂

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