A review of The Proposal

proposalThis Canada Day it was supposed to rain so me and my Wife decided to catch up on our cinema time.

I’ve always enjoyed both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, they are funny and always manage to make things fresh despite those same things having been done a million times before.

Short Version: The main actors don’t have much sexual chemistry but they have a lot of comedic chemistry. Plus the supporting cast is great. It’s a solid romantic comedy.

Also I think it’s a great date movie that could bring up lots of personal questions with your partner.

*Warning Mild Spoilers*

It had a neat spin on the traditional odd-couple romance and you genuinely believe these are likeable people.

The awkward effect, were something happens that makes you squirm uncomfortably, doesn’t happen in this movie. You can watch and not have to worry about anyone mistaking a candy bar for poo.

It was pretty fast paced, like a good little romantic comedy, when I was bored it picked up right away. The comedic timing was great. I liked the excess of verbal comedy with the occasional burst of physical.

Top notch comedy actors, Bullock manages to make a transition from super-bitch to overall good person believable when it really shouldn’t be and Reynolds is his usual charming and funny self.

The supporting cast was simply stunning and perfect.

Production Value
The shooting locations in Alaska where beautiful. The camera work and editing, which is sometimes lacking in Romantic Comedies, was very well done.

I think it’s a Romantic Comedy that can stand it’s own with the standard mid-range comedies. I look forward to seeing how it compares to The Ugly Truth that’s coming out in a few weeks.

I give it 7 on 10.

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