A review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The 15th of July My brother (Voldemort), his girlfriend (Death-eater), my wife (Gryffindor student), and I (Slytherin Student) donned our Harry Potter apparel and headed for the Cinema.

Short Version: If you liked the other movies and liked the books you will like it. If you are a crazed fan of the books you’ll have a few problems with the movie but still admit it’s one of the best.

*Warning Mild Spoilers*

The story was split into the same two parts as the book; the Dark Fantasy and the Romantic Comedy. Both were well adapted for the movie. They left out the whole mystery of the Half Blood Prince, making the reveal more of a “Was I supposed to care?” moment and they removed some of the action that was in the book.

The screen writers once again managed to make Harry Potter into a more likeable character then in the books. They removed a lot of the classes where the young wizards were supposed to learn how to cast silently but that actually enhance the story.

Overall it had great pacing, keeping me interested throughout the majority of the movie. Near the 2 hour mark I started to get a little tired and was looking forward to the end but it picked up and I didn’t see the time pass by.

It shows that the younger members of the cast have improved their acting each movie. Bonnie Wright did a wonderful job as Ginny hitting every line and action perfectly. Evanna Lynch stole every scene she was in and I hope they add in scenes with her in the next two movies.

I found that Tom Felton did a good job considering the complexity of what he had to play. There were a few scenes where he was over the top, especially when yelling at Dumbledore but overall he did a good job.

As for the main cast I found Radcliffe has finally come into his own as an actor and his two co-stars were brilliant.

The caliber of the adult actors has always stunned me but Jim Broadbent really amazed me as Slughorn. He was perfect as were Rickman, Bonham Carter and all the others.

Production Value
The special effects were bigger, the sound was better, and the green screen was everywhere. The visuals outside were great as was Hogwarts but the green screen was evident in quite a few scenes. The worst was during the last two scenes with Dumbledore. It snapped me out of the movie a few times but wasn’t to an Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull level. 

I did appreciate the inclusion of more visual symbolism in the movie; between the use of canaries for experiments or of Ginny tying Harry’s shoe.  

It was a good movie that built on what came before and set up the next two movies well. It’s the best Harry Potter of the Series but it is a Harry Potter.

I give it 8 on 10.

2 Responses to A review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  1. edhelwen1 says:

    Great review! 🙂 I actually hated that Ginny tied Harry’s shoe. It made it feel like she was his slave, not his equal. That’s how I feel about it, anyways…

  2. Éric says:

    I don’t think it’s about dominance so much as a HUGE sexual innuendo.

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