A review of G-Force

gforceI have a high tolerance for bad movies but this one was just terrible. There were a few cute or funny scenes but definitely not worth sitting through the movie.

Short Version: If you have any respect for the intelligence of your child or enjoy the Spy Genre than don’t see this movie.

*Warning Mild Spoilers*

Take every spy Cliché, mash them up with every child’s movie cliché and blend. That’s the recipe for this movie. Every plot point felt obvious or pointless. Not only that but they relied on stereotypes; out of the three gerbils one of the Spanish tramp, one of horny black guy, and one of the clueless hero. Then there was the fat guy. The story was thin and contrived.

The pacing was ok. They didn’t rush things or slow them down to much. I was happy every time they switched to another scene, if only because I hoped it would bring something interesting.

Good and great actors can be forced into bad acting, we saw this with the Star Wars prequels, and it’s the same thing with this movie. The only one who stands out is Steve Buscemi, who seems capable of making any role work.

Production Value
The chase scenes were well done and so were some of the explosions. The problem is that it didn’t do anything new or interesting. The animation was good and the filmography ok but couldn’t overcome the total lack of story.

There are plenty of good and great kids movies out there that will appeal to everyone. With the amount of good quality films out there, no one should have to bother with G-Force.

I give it 4 on 10.

One Response to A review of G-Force

  1. Jen says:

    Agreed. Although I DID like the assistant girl. She was adorable. 🙂

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