LG 05-10-2007 “Ode to J—“

October 5, 2007

Previously Posted at my Livejournal. Written for my great aunt that died around that time.

Ode to J—

Sticky notes, little scares of love guiding us,
Electrical tape over the TV buttons to stop me,
Swiss Chalet,
Readers Digest,
Crash test dummies at Toys are Us.
You never believed that my mom hadn’t lost your key,
Tante… it was me.
I am sorry.
It was me,
I lost the key,
I took the toony,
The loony,
I was young, it was wrong, Please forgive me.
You were a wonderful woman,
Warm, strong, independent, Hard of hearing,
Everything you did was filled with feeling
You made everyone feel loved and protected
You never had children but every niece was a daughters and nephew a son
Every birthday, holiday, happy day and sad day, you commemorated
Thank you!
For the big the small
For everything
Some day in the end,
I hope we will meet again,
Au revoir ma belle Tante, dit bonjour à Roland, et Madeleine

LJ 16-01-2005 “E-Ffish-en-Chips”

January 16, 2005

Previously Posted at my Livejournal. It was written after a really bad date and a walk through the city. Oye, I was an angst ridden young man.


Alpha male growls as omega man crawls.
The clown fish sits back and listens.
Gamma man bawls.
The lesbian Ish glistens.

Delta girl looks for a mate.
Never finding the right date.
Never being able to cleanse the slate,
The marble of her fate.

Kappa girl spies the others.
Steers as each and every suffers.
Throws out a line.
The clown fish enjoins decline.
She sets her sails and rudders,
For calmer waters.

Alpha male beats his chest.
Omega man lies down to rest.
Delta girl makes a jest.
Kappa girl sails in quest.
Gamma man touches the steel to his breast.

The soft soaps turn garish.
The Greeks lie in lonely parish.

And the lesbian Ish ran away with the fish.