A Review of Twilight the Movie.

November 21, 2008


My fiancée picked up Twilight the book in July and quickly went through the whole series. I’d heard a lot about the story before hand and I’d read a good quarter of the book.

I knew what to expect when I walked into the theatre and I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t amazed either. The movie has many strengths that make it worth watching.

I was expecting cat calls and screeching the whole movie but the audience I saw it with was very respectful.

*Warning Mild Spoilers*
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A Review of HBO’s TrueBlood

September 19, 2008

It seems that there are only two opinions about this show, Love and Hate. I never read the books that the show is based on, Charlaine Harris’s Dead Until Dark. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Ball’s previous show, Six Feet Under. It was ok but not enough to get my attention; all this to say that I had very little expectations going into the pilot episode.  


*Warning Spoilers*

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